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Brigitte Novalis

About Brigitte
Magical World View

Boston-based therapist, Reiki Master and award-winning author Brigitte Novalis inspires readers across the world to live their best life (The Life You Want) and to find their magical connection with nature (The Magic of Inner Silence).


Her beautifully illustrated fairy tales enchant children and grown-ups alike.

Brigitte loves her family, her dogs and cats, Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances, and good stories (both reading and writing them!).

In Brigitte’s new fantasy and science fiction series, you will follow Anna to the Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences (Anna and the Missing Child, Anna and the Mysterious Twins, Anna and the Mongolian Princess, Anna and the African Chief) and enter a new world where living is magical and a joy.

Brigitte’s novel Francisca transports you to the year 1850 where 16-year-old lovable and imaginative Francisca travels by stagecoach to her relatives in the castle with great expectations.

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