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Brigitte Novalis


Meditation and Healing

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"I was hooked from the first intriguing pages of  "The Magic of Inner Silence" by Brigitte Novalis, and my interest never faded for a moment! I read the whole thing in one evening ... It felt like I was in a dream! I loved the open-minded and enlightened approach to getting us out of our everyday stress and worries and reaching our forces outward to connect with nature's energy. ..."

-Sherrie Warner

"... Deep and introspective at times, sweet and lighthearted at others ..."

-Tabitha Park

"What a cool and unique book! It is one of the more beautiful books I've read in a while, and I just love Ms. Novalis's narrative 'voice'. So calm and soothing, almost hypnotizing, but also very positive and spiritually uplifting. I'm not sure how to even describe it, it reads almost like a story... but is more like a 'real experience' that a woman is having in her life with different parts of nature."

-Stacy Decker

“I will start by saying this is an incredible book! … the delivery was wholly unique, and the dialogue/conversation brings us personally inside the whole experience, as opposed to just ‘reading about it’. I literally felt better while reading this, and afterward… Advice that anyone can do, and frames it in a way where it can easily become part of your mindset.”

-Anabella Johnson

“… the more I read the more it just fit together and made so much sense. Like mini lightbulbs kept flicking on in my brain …. I did finish this in one sitting and I thought the author made constructive and insightful points and gave lots of solid advice.  A wonderful book for the mind, heart, and soul, and I’m glad to see Brigitte has more books in this same style.”

-Kaylee Stevens

“This book is excellent – very readable and candid and connects with the reader in such relatable terms we can all easily understand… Not only do you actually learn something, but it also broadens your perspectives and encourages you to think in a different way… It kind of felt like I was doing some brain/soul exercises as I read that was exercising a ‘muscle' I’d never used before and didn’t know I had.”

-Claire Middleton

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