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Brigitte Novalis


Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences

“Ms. Novalis has her own unique voice that makes it feel fresh and exciting, and the cast of characters were terrific, …  It had it all, seriously…adventure, drama, magic, danger, friends, powers of nature and life and love, good and evil… takes us on an unforgettable, and ultimately fulfilling journey that I won’t soon forget.”

-Nikki Turnage

"Anna and the Missing Child" by Brigitte Novalis was such an unexpected delight!...  its charm knows no age limit! I thoroughly enjoyed the witty banter and all sorts of magical realism, but it was the narrative I was most impressed by - a lyrical, almost poetic prose that has a more 'classical' and literary instead of a 'flash in the moment' feel. The pacing is fluid, and there is never a boring moment. " 

-Farrah Higgins

The day has arrived for ten-year-old Anna to start her studies at the Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, but she doesn’t want to get out of bed despite the insistence of her magical frog.

Her life is perfect just as it is, but still, she has to fly to school.  

Anna2 ENG award_edited.jpg

Lorenzo, Anna's new classmate and friend, recently arrived from Italy with his grandmother. But Lorenzo's older twin brothers are also studying at the academy, and something about their strange behavior puts Anna on alert.

Anna has a gift, but does that save her and the girl from Mongolia?

Anna loves her peaceful world, but she begins her third year at the Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences with bad premonitions.

Anna Cameron is disheartened. With her usually peaceful world under attack, the 14-year-old is anxious about fighting against invisible enemies. When an African chief takes his place as a new Quentin Academy professor, bringing with him a new science, she hopes all is not lost.

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