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Updated: May 28, 2021

I love my computer. When I turned it on this bright, sunny morning, the monitor woke up and showed me my beautiful titmouse, sitting on a branch so comfortably. I love birds, too.

If you EVER wrote books with a typewriter, you understand why I love computers so much.

If you NEVER wrote a book with a typewriter, imagine this: You type your page, double spaced. Then you read what you have written. You like it, but there is room for improvement. Then you write the improved words or the new idea with a pen into the space between the typed lines. If writing is your art, you want to express the world of your inner perception with as much clarity as possible.

And maybe inspiration hits you – like it does me – in intervals. Then a new idea blossoms in your mind, and you scribble it on the border of your manuscript, maybe with an arrow pointing to where it belongs. After a while, you can hardly make out what all the scribbled additions mean, and you type the page again. And again. I wonder how Shakespeare managed.

I’m not Shakespeare. I’m Brigitte Novalis. I don’t write plays. Instead, I write stories. Stories about how to find a better life, fairytales, and adventures at the Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences. And I love them all!

And I love to share them with you and make you smile!

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1 Comment

Dale Earnest
Dale Earnest
May 27, 2021

Excited to see your new website!

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