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Relax, Be at Ease

When I am in a cheerful state, life is so easy. My days are filled with warmth and a bright glow. Miracles seem to happen all around me. If you would take a non-human snapshot of me, I would look like this kitten or this pup.

When I am in a cheerful state, I find it hard to understand why I could ever think that life is difficult – let alone, experience it!

Alas, that is not always true for me. There are days when my energy spirals downward and I am far from being relaxed and at ease. Then the world around me is losing some of its warmth and glow. Instead, it seems a bit colder and darker, with sharper edges and harsher sounds.

Fortunately, in these moments I remember to calm my mind, to meditate, and slowly the world around me, my world, becomes brighter.

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